March 31, 2008

Islamic Threat and the Jew

This post will mostly be a rant, so I am sure I could go into more detail, but after a certain thread I read, I can’t contain myself. I hope all of you watch this video while it is still available. It is the video that a Dutch lawmaker created about Islam that is sending waves all around the world for its “offensive” content. Not surprisingly, (and when you think about those two words, they are really sad), threats are rising for makers of this film as well as the website that initially carried it. had to remove the film because the staff was being threatened.

What a world this has turned out to be. What a sad little world. Where once people recognized the dangers of where unchallenged hate and fascism could lead, they have now decided to cower before the growing dangers of Islam. Global leaders are denouncing this video as offensive and unwarranted.

"There is no justification for hate speech or incitement to violence," he said in a statement. "The right of free expression is not at stake here."

-U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon

It’s insane how much pandering goes on about the Islamic world. Where freedom of speech in these countries is under direct attack, The lessons of WWII have obviously not been learned. That when tyranny is at your doorstep, you do not invite it in or cuddle it, you have to immediately destroy it before it is allowed to grow and gather more strength. And that’s basically what’s happening right now. The Islamic population is growing in Europe, and with it, a base of operations for a “distorted” Islam to grow and transmit its hateful speech. Why isn’t the world waking up before it is too late? The truth is, I think world leaders
are realizing it, but are too afraid to do anything. There is a realization of what kind of “humans” these fanatic Muslims are and what they are capable of doing, and simply prefer to steer clear of their wrath. But they don’t realize that the longer they appease these Muslims, the larger the threat will ultimately grow.

It saddens me to find this insanity in the Jewish world as well. Actually, it more than saddens me. I’m totally mind-f#$ked by it. In the Jewish world, the discussion of Islamic terror is more focused on the Israeli-Palestinian struggle. We have bloggers like Candyman who insist that Israel is not doing enough for peace

“There's more to making peace than "conceding" a couple of yishuvs. It takes reaching out, building bridges culturally. Saying, "We need each other." Giving the other side respect.”

A couple of yishuvs??? Gaza was a couple of yishuvs? But when I bring up Gaza, he simply says:

“Dude, they didn't leave Gaza out of a feeling of obligation to the Palestinians. They left Gaza to reduce attacks and casualties, the vast majority of which were taking place there.”

Amazing isn’t it? Excuses. Always some excuse. Let’s make this clear: WE LEFT, WE LEFT, WE LEFT, WE LEFT and all we heard in response was NO PEACE. It did not matter if we didn’t go with smiles on our faces or a sense of “obligation” to our brothers, the Palestinians. Reality is tough. Sometimes, two groups of people will NOT get along. Love is not always the solution, though I wish it were. But it’s not. All that talk about building bridges is useless when you are talking to a nation that just does not want to build a bridge. Nazis did not want to build bridges. Sometimes there are evil nations and if it was recognized before, why is it so farfetched that it is happening again? When will people like Candyman and JewishAtheist and even OnionSoupMix (from Candyman's thread) realize this is not about individuals. Yes, of course there are awesome individuals. There are always going to be spectacular individuals, but for now we have to take care of those that do not share in the efforts of the individuals. And in order to deal with that, you have to deal with Muslims as a nation, just like we did with Germany. And, I do not mean to imply that we should drop thousands of pounds of explosives on them. I refer to the knowledge of a growing threat and that threat is a united entity. It can’t be denied that there were good Germans, but in time of crisis and war, you have to deal with the group as a whole. The good individuals were a secondary consideration to the more immediate threat of the group as a whole. That, sadly, is the nature of the world. Unfortunately, it is even sadder that people have forgotten that already. God have mercy on us all if people like today’s fanatic liberals existed in the mid 20th century to maintain that we have to understand the grievances of the Germans (which they believied they had).

This new breed of fanatic liberals scare me to no living end. Seriously. This last comment thread with Candyman really showed me, how even coming from a Jew, Israel is still the devil, always in the wrong and no matter how much it has extended its hand, it’s all meaningless. I feel like someone is just about to pull the trigger and kill me while a liberal is standing behind him trying to reassure me that the killer is not really a danger. Interestingly enough, you see a lot of this attitude in OTD Jews. It’s quite fascinating and I plan to write a post on it.

And then we have people like Dovbear, that wish to remind us that the real threat is the right-wing Christians (Update: speaking of which) He can give you post after post about stuff Pat Roberston will say about Jews needing to accept Jesus to be saved, but seldom write a post about the threat coming from the Arabs. Because according to him, the Arabs of today are not the same as the Arabs of the 1920’s, but yet he has no problems generalizing Republicans and their Jewish supporters. But of course you can’t say anything because you will immediately be branded a racist. I didn’t even see him mention that 84% of Palestinians approved of the killings at Merkaz Harav. I wonder why?

I can only echo what Prof. Marc Shapiro said this past Shabbat. That he realizes what the Evangelical Christians believe, but that in this world of ours, finding friends, especially for the Jews, is extremely hard if not impossible, and we have to take them as they come.

Clarification- I don't want people thinking Candyman actually said "Israel is the devil." It's only an exaggeration to make a point.

* A hardy thank you goes to Shoshana for helping me with this post.