March 12, 2008

Rabbi Don Segal's Comment

Well, as my wife predicted, this was bound to happen. There now seems to be growing controversy about R' Segal's comment, regarding the killings at Merkaz Harav. R' Segal feels this is divine punishment for Israel breaking the three oaths that it took:
1) Returning to Israel by force
2) Rebeling against the nations
3) Delaying the moshiach by sin
Basically, it looks like he is blaming the zionist ideology, and since this yeshiva was a religious zionist institution, well...
Harry Maryles seems to be handling the issue on his own. Pointing out that the Satmar rebbe refrained from giving any theological reason behind the killing and simply stating that this was a horrible day for the entire klal yisrael, whereas while people are still sitting shiva, R' Segal decided this was the time for him to give a very "inspirational" speech. To tell you the truth, I do not even want to deal with this. Instead, I have a couple of questions
1) This may be a stupid question, but for those that identify with rabbis that "live and breathe" Torah, why is it that they are sometimes so tactless?
2) Since when do so many people have access to the cheshbonot of God? Why is it people feel they know why so and so happened? Since when did they become prophets? And let me be clear, this is not a charedi problem only. You find it in religious zionism as well. We all heard about the reasons Rabin was killed, and why Sharon is in a coma. I will admit that it is quite intriguing. You begin to think and start piecing patterns together and all of a sudden you come up with a reason why X,Y or Z happened. And who knows, maybe they are right. But perhaps, they are also wrong. There are no prophets living in our time and since a chacham adeef m'navi, shouldn't they really by chacham and just keep their thoughts to themselves?

hat tip to Mevaseretzion