December 31, 2008

Open quote from our friend XGH

I just don't see how bombing Gaza is morally acceptable, when civilians will certainly get killed. Two wrongs don't make a right. So you'll say, what else is Israel supposed to do? Just sit back and take it? And the answer of course is yes, because bombing them back is not morally acceptable.

-XGH, Lord of the rational thinkers

It amazes me how, the more to the left people get, the more emotional they get to the point that their moral compass goes berserk. Israel should do absolutely nothing. They are as rational as the Arab sympathizers that protest against Israel claiming that Israel is using disproportional attacks (which is so silly and a new concept). Would they be happy if Israel shot one missle for every missle Hamas sent? No of course not. It's simply anti-Israel BS as usual. All I know is, thank God these sorts of people were not sitting with FDR and Churchill deciding whether to go to war. After all, thousands upon thousands of innocents died. But as XGH said, intent does not matter here. Action is all that matters. Amazes me how when all these skeptics start moving toward atheism and cynicism, they start thinking like this. And it has nothing to do with rational thought. Its simply that OJ, for the most part is conservative in ideals. Hence they feel they HAVE to move the other direction.