April 27, 2009

How does one cope with a bad experience?

This is specifically geared toward Jews that have gone through traumatic or simply unpleasant experiences with authority figures in their lives. I am not one of these people so I can't really toward answering the question of how does a person cope with having bad experiences with, lets say a rabbi. But I have a feeling, what a lot of bloggers do, is probably antithetical the concept of coping and trying to find a way of pressing forward with their lives. Take this brand new site , it pretty much sells it all, doesn't it? Now, I am sure this blogger had a miserable time there, and perhaps even everything this blogger will say about this rabbi is true, but is this really the way to cope with such a troubling past? I mean, if one was to go to a professional therapist, would they recommend opening up a public blog to spew all the hate filled comments which I garner will transpire there? I can only imagine its a matter of time before this man's children finds this site. How would it affect them? 

Each of us have had run ins with people that have wronged us, to different extents, but I dare say I can't imagine starting a public forum to bash that person would ever help me. I mean, sure, in the short run, it might relieve me of pent up anger and frustration, but is this helpful for the long term? 

April 20, 2009

To Spread a Lie, till People Eventually Believe It.

Iran at the UN conference on racism:

Israel is the "most cruel and racist regime"

Offthederech on his usual tirade against the evil and immoral religious people:

Religion, the greatest, and most often* overlooked, source of human suffering in the world

Doesn't matter if you are an atheist or theist, or muslim or Jewish. You repeat a certain lie over and over again, eventually, masses will pick it and start believing in it. Human nature, is human nature. It doesn't change. Interestingly enough, OTD is a good proof of this.

*word added because I left it out of the original